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  Green 2020 Think Tank Initiative

Clean and Green Product Initiative & Education

Reduce Waste. Go Digital.

Clean Source. Clean Emission.



The Bryant Heritage LLC partners with local school districts, colleges, and universities to establish Green Technology Think Tanks, particularly within the Urban and Inner City areas. We work to research, design, and introduce clean energy products to market for residential and commercial buildings, while promoting STEM initiatives and careers to students of color. We are looking to partner with the public and private sectors to educate and join urban communities around green energy and sustainable resources. Ultimately, our mission is to provide the mass production of affordable residential and commercial green energy products and to partner with local builders and businesses to inform and up-sell our products for mass consumption. As with any product introduction to the market, renewable technologies provide an excellent source of clean energy but are relatively unknown and too expensive for everyday consumers and small retailers. Therefore, our G:2020 objectives include:


(1) Informing consumers of the benefits of green technologies through our builders and education partners.

(2) Mass produce green technologies through our patent-pending manufacturing processes.

(3) Train and Provide a new workforce centered on green technology production and development.

(4) Work with our builder partners to upsell our green technologies to drive down costs for both the producers and consumers of green technology.


If you would like to invest in our G:2020 Initiative or join our Think Tanks, please contact Tori Cole

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